It says that SallyAnne (the one who used to wrote the episodes) left her work 1 month ago and never appeared there again and refuses to show what she has done about episode 23. The team already has a new writer that was hired past monday and ChiNoMiko is apologizing for keeping us waiting but, unfortunatelly, we will have to wait some more time because they had to start all the episode from zero. But ChiNoMiko is preparing some surprises for us (:
I’m not that good at French so I’m sorry if there’s some mistake in this information ><.



Dake for you. So yeaaah…

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She sat on the bench watching him follow her. It felt odd that he was staring at her like a predator with it’s prey. She closed her eyes holding onto her hair she felt him sit next to her. Kirsty gasped as she shivered feeling his fingers caressed her jawline, Kirsty held her breath waiting for the moment his fangs puncture her flesh. She slowly looked at him, his eyes reminded her of that meeting so long ago. “O-Okay but why?” She asked hesitantly.

Dimitry didn’t reply, feeling no need to. He guided her chin upwards so he could have better access. He didn’t hesitate leaning forward, hearing only the gentle thumping of her pulse as if he were deaf to everything else. He cradled the back of her neck, his lips finding their way to her throat. For a second he imagined that their hearts would have been beating in synchronization at this moment, if he still had a heart beat that was. He opened his mouth, easily finding the vein in her neck and biting down. The blood gushed into his mouth and he drank, his fingernails digging into the back of Kirsty’s neck as he lost himself in his meal. Dimitry had no idea how he knew exactly what to do but found it was part of his new found instincts. Blood leaked out from his mouth, running down her neck. He was still unused to it, and so didn’t know how to drink without leaving a mess.

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[[ dimitry dimitry, let down ur long hair— okay, wOw tHATS A LOT OF HAIR D UDE HOLy SHIT ]]


i wonder if dimitrys hair still grew when he was a vampire

amazing fail attempt that i will never finish

☆*・゜゚・*steal dimitry’s look*・゜゚・*☆

  • grave of dead wife (designer)
  • hella weird talking animu bat (seriously wtf)
  • fake ass weave meant for a woman (cut to appropriate anime love interest length)


lost puppy seeking friend // zuki


"Em…thank you." She smiled with a somewhat pleasing gleam. Zuki then turned her attention to Dimitry reading off a sheet of paper. "Oh, really? I just left from there. Okay I can definitely take you there." She lead the way giving the boy a gesture to follow her.

Dimitry gave Zuki a relieved smile, not hesitating to follow her as she started walking. “Thank you.” He said gratefully, folding his schedule up and stuffing it into the pocket of his trousers. He had to slow down for a moment to make his strides shorter otherwise he would have easily overtaken her with his height.

"What is he like?" He asked suddenly, turning his head to look at her. "Mr. Faraize, I mean."

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